Aircraft Sourcing

Whether you are a current or proposed operator / recipient user of an aircraft, the task of sourcing available aircraft options and the complexity of the process thereafter necessarily warrants insertion of appropriately qualified professionals to undertake to the technical assessment.

The actual operational performance appraisal of the proposed type is also equally specialist by activity, daunting and absorbing of resources. Since the equation of which aircraft starts more or less from the destinations to be accessed and works backwards to the frequency, sector length and passengers to be carried and in what level of space and comfort, there are many factors to consider. Here also exists a plethora of potential aircraft types of varying ages and operating costs which only clouds the situation further.

Where utilisation levels – asset values and operating costs incurred are all inextricably linked to one another the final equation needs very careful analysis before commitment to a course of action and a choice is taken.

The client is likely also to be caught in a chain of bias where fees are the motivating factor and not the identifying and sourcing the right aircraft for the client.

We are able to provide comprehensive services to airlines, air carriers and corporate clients alike that extend to include:- 

  • Sourcing of clients preferred aircraft
  • Operational appraisal and assessment of specific client air transport needs
  • Sourcing of suitable aircraft
  • Preliminary short listing of available aircraft
  • Technical evaluation of target aircraft
  • Survey of chosen aircraft
  • Contracted purchase price negotiation services
  • Legal contracting services
  • Delivery of chosen aircraft.