Aircraft Recovery Services

OWAM provides Aircraft Recovery Services for the Airlines, Private and Corporate owners, Banks, Leasing companies and Manufacturers.

We will contract to undertake all and any of the related tasks to expeditiously recover  assets from around the globe. Specific components and modules of our capabilities are:-

  • Undertake routine collection & delivery of aircraft
  • Undertake 3 engine recovery flights of 4 engine aircraft
  • Provision of qualified Flight Crew
  • Pre-flight maintenance
  • Operational Route planning
  • Diplomatic clearances
  • Over flight clearances

Arrangement and provision of Airport services, Fuel facilities, Ferry Insurance, Ferry Permits, Client on site representation, Appropriate release and certification, re-registration with relevant aviation authorities.  Arrangement of “Sky Guards” (FAA requirement for operations into and out of US Airspace for non Private Category operations) 

Provision of Ferry Kits:

  • Trip Navigation minimum equipment (GNSS, GPS,)
  • Trip Minimum Radio Equipment ( HF –SSB)
  • Survival Equipment – Desert, Maritime, Arctic, Jungle
  • Provisions
  • Spares Packs & fly away trip kits
  • Aeronautical Route Navigation Libraries