Aircraft Ferrying

The decision to ferry an aircraft is quite simple; however the route economics and pitfalls (political, security, route mileage, costs, seasonal climate) need careful analysis. A failure to optimise the route to suit the specific type to be ferried can have deep financial and operational implications.

By example an avoidable transit stopover can cost as much as $6000 for ground handling let alone the infringement on the working crew time, turnaround time, extra fuel consumption to recover former Cruise flight levels and route position,  perhaps hotac, per diems and finally perhaps punitive fuel prices for uplifts + DOC’s, FOC’s

OneWorld is able to provide comprehensive services to support the requirements of the industry :- 

  • Operational Route feasibility studies and route planning
  • Provision of qualified Flight Crew and Licenced Engineers
  • Pre-flight maintenance,
  • Arrangement of Diplomatic clearances,
  • Arrangement and provision of airport services
  • Arrangement of Ferry Insurance
  • Arrangement of “Sky Guards” (FAA requirement for operations into and out of US Airspace for non private Category operations)
  • Arrangement of Export Certificates of Airworthiness
  • Arrangement of Ferry Permits with the relevant Aviation authority.
  • Oversight Inspection
  • Customs Import, Export clearance activity.
  • Provision of Ferry Kits and equipment:
  • Trip Navigation equipment (GNSS, GPS,)
  • Trip Minimum Radio Equipment ( HF –SSB)
  • Survival Equipment – Desert, Maritime, Arctic, Jungle
  • Provisions
  • Spares Packs