Aircraft Evaluation and Comparative Studies

A constant need by startup operations is for the evaluation of the specific performance, payload and route capabilities of their nominated choice of aircraft. The absence of comprehensive flight planning facilities and tools compounded by the absence of the necessary type specific Runway performance data results from inception that the new Company is beholden either to a current air carrier or the manufacturer to provide appropriate analysis services and reports. Such responses are normally tardy in report output and response and may be flavoured to suit the marketing of a specific machine. We are able to provide comprehensive services: –

  • Aircraft characteristics
  • Specific Type Market characteristics
  • Air Navigation Route analysis
  • Runway Performance data
  • Payload Capabilities
  • Air Navigation charges assessment
  • Scheduled Service Timetable and Crew manpower planning validation
  • Ground Services charge assessment
  • Optional upgrade paths for identified types
  • Crew Licensing and training requirements, available Training facilities and service providers