Aircraft Charter Brokering

OneWorld providea preferential service to the industry and deliver Corporate aircraft through to wide bodied airliners, that cater for the needs of all categories of world traveller and cargo shipment including:-

Specialist Tour Companies

  • VIP Services
  • Cruise Liner link up
  • Pop Groups
  • International Business events
  • International Trade Organisations
  • International Aid Organisations
  • Security conscious groups
  • EEC Groups and their international delegations
  • United Nations Support
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Government and International Corporations
  • World Travellers demanding individual holidays

Special Interest Groups

  • Ecotourism
  • Opera
  • Arts, Garden & Architectural
  • Wine & Vineyard Tours-
    Professional and Amateur
  • International Gastronomic Adventures
  • World Wild Life Watchers/ Safaris
  • Religious pilgrims – HAJ/ Lourdes/ Umrah
  • Gambling – Las Vegas, Macau, Monaco, Melbourne

Sport Related

  • Bespoke Golfing Tours/ Teams
  • International Football Tours/ Teams
  • Rugby Tours/ Teams
  • Cricket Tours/ Teams
  • Sports Organisations and Teams
  • Motor Racing Organisations
  • International fishing Expeditions
  • Exploration Expedition Teams